Saturday, March 27, 2010

best friends

let's be clear about this--one of the considerations that i think anyone has to consider when relocating is the fact that we will be leaving people. leaving people is never easy, unless, of course, we hate them. but in the case of best friends, that is not the case, if i may be redundant.

my best friend is dave o. i have known dave for over 10 years, or something like that. we both used to be actors here in l.a., and we actually did a couple of plays together. i remember thinking that dave was one of the coolest dudes i had ever known--he had the right hats and the convertible classic car and the sinatra attitude and god damn if he wasn't a pretty decent actor to boot. i remember that we once ran into each other at gay pride (what an oxymoron) one year and i think we were both cruising young guys at the time. so sue me. anyway, i remember telling him that we kept seeing each other, and that we seemed to have similar interests (young guys), and it didn't make sense that we weren't friends. in truth, i think i just wanted to be as cool as he was. cut to now...we are friends. and when i think about the idea of relocating, i can't do so without remembering that when i leave l.a., i will also be leaving dave o.

that is something to consider.

i have mentioned to dave that it might be a good idea for us to buy a condo together so that we have each other as friends and companions as we move into our "older" years, but if i were to move, that would negate that plan. but to stay in l.a.? a dilemma for sure. dave is not the only reason that i would stay in l.a.--we do really have the best weather in the entire world, but you already know that. beyond that though, weather is something i can give up. best friends are not. gotta think about this in any moving plan i make. i would not want to lose dave. we don't get best friends too often.


melani, whom i have known for 25 years, is also a best friend. not like dave, because she lives in connecticut, but a best friend nonetheless, and melani and i have not lived in the same city for 15 years. and yet we are still best friends. is that something i would settle for with dave? dunno.

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  1. Big decision to be made.......good luck with that. Great friends will always be just that.....great. I went to university with a great gal and we are still close. We haven't lived in the same city for years....yet we can still relate to eachother in a meaningful way.Getting out of L.A.... I can see the benefits.