Sunday, March 20, 2011

what people are saying, part two

today the city hosted the los angeles marathon, and it is always quite an event. but then any event where you actually block major streets for hours and keep l.a. drivers from using them is a major event here. l.a. drivers go nuts when things like this happen, and i have to say that i get a guilty pleasure out of it all and just chuckle to myself as i whizz by on my bicycle, unaffected by road closures.

this year, it has been raining like the dickens all day long, so the spectator crowds were thinner, but as far as i know, runners like rain even better than they like sun, so i guess all was well. i rode my bike up to hollywood blvd to have a look and take some pictures, and yes, i got a bit wet; but as you know from a previous post, not only do i not mind that, it is pretty much the point of doing it!

runners, running, on hollywood blvd.

in my last post i talked a bit about what some "experts" have said about things related to the way i experience los angeles. but i also want to give air time to what some of my readers have said in their comments, because i find that it is a) astonishing that i have readers, and; b) very valuable, helpful, and appreciated feedback for me. it has contributed to a deepening in the way i think about leaving here, all of which will stand in good stead at the time that i actually leave.

my new blogger friend ron commented on how he did quite a bit of research before deciding to move to delaware from pennsylvania, and yet he also mentions that it was important for him to trust his instincts. i bring this up because i feel that this approach is a collaboration of what we as humans do best--think and feel. i have even been talking with some clients about this approach--how do we know when to trust how we feel about something? how do we know when we have enough "information" on something to proceed?

this guy knows about rain like i do, i totally get the no shirt thing

since i have no answer to give my clients, i know that there is no answer for myself to this question. but that is okay--as an existentialist i am comfortable with a little anxiety in life--especially when changing things up. but nevertheless, since i am such a smarty pants, i will offer an answer to the question. we have enough information to proceed when our feeling about proceeding no longer conjures a level of anxiety high enough to keep us from proceeding. in other words, i will know that it is time to leave when i find myself gone(emotionally).

the street was full of runners, here in front of the famous pantages theateron a side trip to the hlwd farmer's market, i noticed it was pretty line for papusa today!

one comment that has been particularly thought-raising for me is the one made by my very first reader, jim, who lives in nova scotia with his husband of many years. jim writes a wonderful blog, and i love reading it, in fact, this very post is inspired by his posting style (words and pictures)! anyway, he comments a lot about how my experience of living in los angeles, and even my experience of moving away, might be different were i to have a partner while doing these things. hmmm, a partner...

to be continued


  1. Yes, I agree. Instincts can play a big part of any decision-making. I know they did with me and continue to do so. If I have a 'gut' feeling about an issue or about something that needs to be done or pursued, I really do listen to my instinctive self. I figure if that can't be trusted, well I may as well stay in the house!!!
    I love a warm rain too! Around here we have to wait till July to get one but it is worth the wait.
    I love it when 'nature' takes over and we mere mortals are at it's mercy.
    Yes, partners......can't live with them, can't live without them!! lol

  2. thanks, jim--sometimes in my work with clients i try to move aside the "conversations" that get in the way of their feelings (instinct). for myself, a feeling can "lead the way", but not dictate. that is when i will think it out--but the feeling is indeed the best indicator if the path may be fruitful! glad that you can trust your instincts--so many people don't, and come in so confused! i plan to address the partner thing in part three...

  3. I also agree that you should trust your instincts. When I was looking for a place to retire I intended to keep looking until 'it' hit me just right. That's what happened one day in November of 2005 when I walked in a Ryan Homes model house. 'It' was just right! Everything fell into place. Then all I needed was a place to have the house built. That took quite a bit of looking but then 'it' happened. I found the right lot quite by happenstance. Some other places came close but weren't quite right. I was so glad I took my time and found just the right place. The same thing will happen to you. Take all the time you need. At this time of your life this will probably be your last move so you want it to be just right. And it will be. By the way, I love your style of writing interspersed with with your great pictures of the runners. You're a talented man, Caliman. Name please?

  4. hi ron,

    i so love your comments, and find them very helpful. fortunately, i go by instinct a lot these days, especially in the therapy room. and by the way, my name is tony.

  5. Tony,
    Thank you again for your kind comment. I sure would like to ask you out to lunch. We have a continent in between us though. Darn.